Beat, but not beaten!

Sunrise bikeAs promised, the heavy weeks of training are actually pretty tough! This week I’m pretty much operating in a sleep deprived, zombie-like state. A funny thing happens during these heavy training periods…your body has the uncanny ability to adapt quickly. By that I mean, no matter how tired you are when you start a workout, if you can just get moving, you WILL feel better by the end. The human body is an amazing machine that, I am fully convinced, we don’t come close to fully understanding. The biggest enemy of endurance…our brain. Our mind has the ability to make us a hero or coward. The good news is, we are in complete control of the outcome. You get to decide whether to be the hero or coward. So many times we blame failure on the circumstances, but we all know these circumstances are fabricated to conceal our weakness. Test this theory out. For the next week, force yourself to workout once per day before work. On day 2 when your mind starts making excuses, laugh at the excuses and get out of bed. I promise that you will not only be healthier, but you will start to understand that there is toughness in all of us. For some that toughness is on the surface and for others you have to dig deep to find it. One way or the other, find it. You will not regret doing it. This is my challenge to you.

Only 3 1/2 weeks till the event!! Stay posted as I will be posting my official routes soon. Make sure to also “Like” our facebook page so you can receive important updates during the actual event.


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  1. Jack Markley says:

    The count down has begun. All of us are pulling for you. I KNOW you’ll do it.

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